Price giving ceremony 2021

It is time to celebrate the winners in the 2021 edition of Gotland Runt. We will start with a price giving ceremony on Tuesday for the boats that started on Saturday and continue with the price giving ceremony for the Fullcrew SRS class on Wednesday.

We welcome all crew members in the award-winning teams to attend.

Others are welcome, but we ask you to consider the ongoing pandemic and keep your distance.

Tuesday 6 July

18:15                OCRi
18:30                Multihull (SRS)
                         Shorthanded (SRS)
                         Shorthanded Mix (SRS)
18:45                Classic (SRS)

Wed 7 July

18:15                Fullcrew (SRS)

The price giving ceremony will be held on the wooden terrace close to the petrol station in Sandhamn.