Winners in Sandhamn

There was a wonderful atmosphere on the pier in Sandhamn when the price giving ceremony was held for the five classes that started on Saturday from Stockholm.

In the ORCi class, Arto Linnervuo, Aleksanteri Tuomainen, Herman Saari, Jussi Kallasvuo, Kenneth Thelen, Mikko Jaatinen, Patrick Neuhaus, Tuomas Honkinen and Vesa Hilevaara from ORS (FIN) won in the Xp-44 Xtra Staerk.

In the Shorthanded class, Fredrik Rydin and Johan Tuvstedt from KSSS won with the J/121 Jolene.

In the Swedish Championship for Two Person Mixed Offshore, Anders Dahlsjö and Greta Hjelte Berndolf from Lerkils BS won in a Dominant 105, Lady Godiva.

In the Multihull class, Bertil Claesson, Leonard Müller and Vilma Bobeck from Trälhavets BK won with the Corsair 31 Jena.

In the Classic class  Magnus Adlercreutz, Carl-Fredrik Sandeberg, Fredrik Wallmark, Jesper Siöberg, Johan Sandeberg and Niclas Bratt from KSSS won with the Skärgårdskryssar 75 Bacchant.

Photo: KSSS/Stefan Rahm