Gotland Runt 2022, Sandhamn - OUT!

The challenges for the 2022 Gotland Runt have been several. The single biggest was that the harbor in Stockholm had to find a new, temporary solution when KSSS long-term goal of creating a harbor next to Junibacken on Djurgården had run into problems with permits. As this information came quite late, the work of finding alternative starting harbors became a high-priority issue. Now looking back, we believe that the six different harbors that were offered with a main harbor with an event area in Wasahamnen and 5 satellite harbors nearby became a good solution.


At the same time as the work with the starting harbor in Stockholm continued, the number of registrations continued to increase. In total, more than 300 boats had signed up before we closed the entry. In addition to the "normal" Gotland Runt Offshore Race, KSSS was the organizer of the first ORC doublehanded Worlds, which attracted over 80 participating boats.

Pre-race in Wasahamnen was a brilliant start on Gotland Runt week. Once again, KSSS partners were able to meet customers in the event area in Galärparken. The activities were many, test sailing, sustainability seminar, children's activities, Swedish Championship final in e-sailing, entertainment and much, much more. On the docs it was full speed, all the doublehanded boats would need to pass safety control, the last details would be fine-tuned, the boats had both serious team meetings and more leasure aftersail events for friends and family. The sun shone on sailors, officials and visitors and created a wonderful atmosphere in the race village.

Again, we were back to running all the starts on Sunday. First, ORC doublehanded Worlds boats started, followed by SRS starts, ORCi starts, SRS doublehanded and finally, Classic. Out through the archipelago, there was a lot of spinnaker sailing, mixed with some shorter reaches where the downwind sails did not fly. The south-westerly wind that stood during the first day shifted in the evening to the southeast, which made it a long upwind all the way down to Hoburgen, the most southern point of Gotland. The wind then oscillated back to the southwest, so there were opportunities to sail up if you were in the right place, the wind speed was quite modest and varied between 4-9 m/s. On the way home, however, it became even more fun sailing. Most boats had a more or less open reach all the way up to Almagrundet and the winds were steady around 10-13 m/s. This was about daring to set up the advantageous downwind sails to plane away on the big waves. Many boats set new speed records.

Personally, I think this was a very fun Gotland Runt to sail. Very varied sailing, there were opportunities to take advantage of both tactical choices but also for those who mastered their boats in the difficult downwind on the way home and no, or at least not so many calm spots with no wind.

So how did it go then? Below is a summary of the top three in each class.


Link to all results from ORC Double Handed Worlds 2022

ORC Double Handed Worlds – Class A
1. Zeus Z30+ Anders Dahlsjö/Martin Strömberg SWE
2. Joule J/122 Marcus Österberg/Henrik Borg SWE
3. jolene J/121 Fredrik Rydin/Johan Tuvstedt SWE

ORC Double Handed Worlds – Class B
1. Hinden JPK 1030 Jonas Hallberg/Till Barth GER
2. Fireworks JPK 1030 Michael Hoefgen/Max Gurgel GER
3. Almavida JPK 1030 Jens Krogell/Ville-Veikko Niskanen FIN

ORC Double Handed Worlds – Class C
1. Team Pro4u First 36.7 Patrik Forsgren/Joakim Hoppe SWE
2. Lady X X-332 Mikael Algevere/Per Lindell SWE
3. Hodspur, HOD 35, Patrick ten Brinck/Harmen de Jong NED


Link to all results from Gotland Runt 2022

Gotland Runt Overall - SRS
1. Dawn Treader JPK 1180 Ed Bell R, LymYC
2. Ray Club Swan 42 Jens Nilsen, KSSS
3. Pac-Man B&R 38 Jimmy Hellberg, KSSS

SRS Fullcrew Class A
1. Dawn Treader JPK 1180 Ed Bell RLymYC
2. Shogun Mumm 36 Kristoffer Straume KSSS
3. CAG J/111 Anders Frisk Viggbyholms SS

SRS Fullcrew Class B
1. Allegra Baltic 43 Topi Simola HSK
2. Frida JPK 1080 Claass Barth ASC
3. Siriuss Hanse 400e Jarmo Helasuo KLV

SRS Fullcrew Class C
1. Wet-X X-99 Christian Lind Enköpings SS
2. Necesse C&C 35 Victor Carlstedt KSSS
3. Mithril IMS 33 Rikard Isby Gustavsbergs BK

ORCi Fullcrew Class A
1. Ray Club Swan 42 Jens Nilsen KSSS
2. Stormtrooper Farr 40 OD Jonas Andersson Trälhavets BK
3. Outsider TP 52 Bo Teichmann CDV/KYC/RORC

ORCi Fullcrew Class B
1. Naomi First 40.7 Tobias Hemmingsson Trälhavets BK
2. Almaviva First 40 Oscar Ekelund Runmarö YC
3. Magic Mix X-41 Patrik Björklund Lidingö SS

SRS Double Handed
1. Pac-Man B&R 38 Jimmy Hellberg KSSS
2. Grym Arcona 340 Lars Rönnberg RYC
3. Arlee Omega 42 Johan Neovius WSF

SRS Multihull
1. Jena Corsair 31 Bertil Claesson Trälhavets BK
2. Carbon Tiger Farrier 33R Börje Svedman Nynäshamns SS
3. Picaroon Corsair 31 CC Johan Hedlund Trälhavets BK

Classic Class (Visby Course)
1. Circe S&S Havskr Casper Grönholm NJK
2. Ballad Havskryssare Patrik Salén KSSS
3. Mallanova Havskryssare Amelie Silfverstolpe Lidingö SS

Many thanks to everyone who made this year's Gotland Runt such a fantastic sailing experience. A special thanks to all the volunteers who have put in a lot of time both before and during the race. Finally, we must of course thank all sailors who have come from near and far, without you there will be no sailing party.

Welcome back next year!

Iohn Ryott
KSSS Information Committee

Photos: Henrik Trygg

More pictures here