In the outer archipelago close to Sandhamn you will find Lökholmen. Since 1890 Sandhamn and Lökholmen have been the base for the KSSS regatta activities.

Guest mooring

At Lökholmen there are app. 200 moorings. The first part, Trollsundet, which during the high season is reserved for KSSS members can take up to 90 boats and here you can connect to electricity for a fee.

At Trollsundet mooring is done either with mooring line, bouy or Y-booms.

It is forbidden to anchor in Trollsundet as the anchor can get caught and harm the existing mooring lines.

Please, observe that the Y-booms on the southern part of Trollsundet are rental moorings, therefore contact the harbour personnel before mooring at any of these spots.

If you follow the north going channel from Trollsundet you will come to Kroksöfladen where there are moorings for app. 110 boats. Here you moore with anchor, N.b. that the channel has a lowest depth of not more than 2,0 meters at mean water.


To Sandhamn you sail from the light house trail north of Sandön. Boats with swallow draft can also chose the KSSS marked trail between Telegrafholmen and Lökholmen.

Lökholmens guest harbour is situated just north east of the Sandhamn guest harbour. You approach from the south between Trollharan and Kroksö.


Toilets and showers are along the wood footpaths between Trollsundet and Kroksöfladen. They are open 24 hours and you need no code.

There is a sauna on the southern part of Trollharan close to the tender boat bridge. The sauna is part of the harbour fee and is open between 09:00 – 20:30.

Garbage is thrown in one of the three red garbage houses at Trollsundet and Kroksöfladen. In the garbage houses you can also leave cans and PET bottles for recycling and at the same time you support the KSSS youth.

In the harbour office you can buy ice cream and order fresh rolls from the bacary at Sandhamn. You can also orderSwedish daily newspapers. Rolls and newspapers should be ordered before 21:00 the evening before and collected between 08:00 – 10:00 in the harbour office. The closest grocery store is at Sandhamn.

The speed limits

There is a 5 knots speed limit at the passage north of Sandön until south of Lökholmen. Please, be aware of the wakes from your boat when passing the guest harbour.


In Trollsundet you moore either with mooring line, stern mooring with bouy or Y-boom. There is one space for mooring alongside the bridge. Please, contact the harbour attendants before choosing this spot.

In Kroksöfladen you moore with anchor against the bridge alongside the cliffs or against the pontoon.

Tender boat to Sandhamn

During high season the tender boat between Lökholmen and Sandhamn leaves every our between 09:00 – 23:00. Friday and Saturdag there are also night time tours at 00:00 and 02:00.

During low season the tender boat has a special time table. To see current time table follow the link above.

You could also order extra tours for 400 SEK. To order, please, contact the harbour attendants at Sandhamn on +46 70 213 20 68.


Harbour Office Lökholmen: +46 70-213 20 66, [email protected]
Harbour Office Sandhamn: +46 8-571 532 85, [email protected]