For KSSS, the clubs’ young sailors have always been an important part of the clubs’ sailing activities. A special section for juniors were launched as early as 1905 and today, KSSS have more than 2 500 junior members up to the age of 19. KSSS has two focus area for the young sailors – training and racing in different dingy classes with focus on racing and the sport of sailing and summer camps. Membership in KSSS is mandatory for all our camp participants. Membership in KSSS is however open for anyone who wants to be member in the club.


KSSS has two training centra, Saltsjöbaden southeast of Stockholm city and Ranängen in Djursholm, north of the city. We offer possibilities for our young sailors and children in different ages from [  ] years to train and compete on different levels and there are  training groups for beginners as well as for those who race at a high international level. Normally, the sailing season starts in April and ends in October, but you may find enthusiasts on the water as long it is ice free and open water. During the winter months, physical training and other activities takes place. Each year more than [        ] children participate in the activities of the training groups.



KSSS has a very long tradition of organizing summer camps. Each year about 750 children participate in the camps, at five different locations. The activities also involve about 175 instructors and other leaders and in total almost 1000 people are involved in our camp activities each year. For the youngest sailors, 8-10 years old KSSS offer day camps where the children are sailing optimist and learn the basic of sailing, knots and seamanship. These camps are aimed for those who never have sailed before or have a very limited experience of sailing.

On our club island Lökholmen, close to Sandhamn, seven camps are organized each year with participation of 450 children and young sailors. The camps are extremely popular and are sold out very quickly each year. These camps are aimed for children between 11-15 years old and boats of different classes are used. Each camp last for 6 days.

KSSS also has a long tradition of holding summer confirmation camps. Each summer 3 camps are organized which are 3 weeks long each. There is room for 44 confirmands at each camp, equally divided between boys and girls.

Our camp activities are based on commitment and volunteering and each year, about one hundred young people work at KSSS sailing camps, sailing schools and confirmation camps as instructors and other leaders. Our ambition is high. We want to arrange the best camps, camps that meet the highest standard in term of safety, security, knowledge and joy. In order to achieve our goal, we need the best camp leaders, group leaders and instructors. During the winter, all our instructors go through various training in leadership and seamanship.

For many children, the camps are the first step into the world of sailing. Many of them have found joy in sailing and many of the camp participants have taken the step over to our training activities at our two training centra in. The opportunity to continue meeting your camp mates and sailing together during the spring and autumn makes the whole thing even more fun and paws the way for a nice growth of talent sailors within the club.

For more information about our summer camps, training groups and membership, please contact KSSS office.