At the gate to the archipelago, in the attractive Saltsjöbaden, you find the KSSS area with club house and marina. Close to Stockholm city and still with access to the open bays into the Baltic.

Club House & Marina

The Club House in Saltsjöbaden at Baggensfjärden is the centre for KSSS activities. Here KSSS has its head quarters, club facilities and regatta harbour. All year around there are intensive training and camp avtivities. Most of the KSSS races take place on Baggensfjärden with race office located in the club house.

In direct connection you will find the KSSS Marina, with guest harbour and moorings for seasonal renting. Here you also find the Saltsjöbaden Friluftsbad (shelted sea water bath) and Restaurang Holmen Kök och Bar. The beautiful Grand Hôtel Saltsjöbaden is at the very end of Hotellviken.

Approximately 2 km from KSSS Saltsjäbaden shopping centre, offering post office, bank and shops. With the local train you will be in Stockholm City within 30 minutes.

KSSS harbour: 5916,6 N 1818,9 E 6145 NW
Depth: 2-12 m

In the KSSS Marina in Hotellviken there are 400 fixed moorings for seasonal renting and 35 guest moorings. The guest moorings are on Restaurangholmen where you will find our Harbour Office. The guest moorings are marked with green signs or bouys and you moore at Y-boom or on bouy. Our harbour hosts will welcome you and help with the mooring procedure. In the guest harbour there are showers, laundry and our grill cottage.

To get a view of the KSSS moorings, please, click on Map  with moorings

The easiest parking of cars is near the Saltsjöbaden train station.

In the regatta harbour there is a crane fitted for centre lifting of boats with a max boat weight of 3.000 kg. Access to the crane is given to everyone that has passed to crane class and has a mooring in the Marina. Costs as below.

Do you have a mooring in the Marina and want to take the crane class, contact the Harbour Master for booking.

Important information about our rules in the Marina are found here: Rules i KSSS Marina Saltsjöbaden

Mooring in the KSSS marina in Saltsjöbaden

To save your own boat as well as the neighbour`s and our docks it is important that the boat is moored correctly.

To minimize the pressure on docks and y-booms you should always use pressure damping springs. The mooring lines must also be of suitable quality and dimension.

The boat must always be equipped with fenders when in the harbour.

Please, check that the lines are fastened so that they do not make any noise.

To ensure that the boat stays in place it is often suitable to have the bridge moorings crossed.

During the summer season (1/6 – 30/8) our harbour staff are in the Harbour Office or on call 08:00 – 22:00.

For questions and mooring bookings in the guest harbour, please, contact the harbour attendants on +46 706 78 41 86 or via e-mail [email protected].

During the rest of the year, please, contact KSSS office +46 8 556 166 80 or visit the Club House at Hotellvägen 9.

Fees for guest boats in the Marina:

Fees for the guest harbour

Member of KSSS with a boat registered in KSSS has five free nights in respective harbour (Saltsjöbaden, Sandhamn and Lökholmen/Telegrafholmen). These nights are registered on the dock spot account linked to the mail address registered at KSSS. If you have any doubts about which mail address you have at KSSS, please, contact the KSSS office or anyone of the harbour attendants.

Members of the royal clubs GKSS, KDY (Denmark), and KNS (Norway) as well as NJK (Finland) have 50% discount of the fee when showing their member card, for the first two days and there after full price.

For more information about mooring and harbour administration, please, contact the KSSS office on +46 8 556 566 80 or via e-mail [email protected].

Harbour Master Ossian Ljungqvist +46 8 556 166 89 or [email protected]

Harbour Office +46 8 70 678 41 86 or [email protected]