Jan Stenbeck Memorial Trophy

Jan Stenbeck embarked on his quest for the Americas Cup in the late 90’s and his ambition was to promote match-racing and to develop match-racing skills in primarily in Sweden but also in the Nordic countries. Unfortunately Jan did not live to see the Victory Challenge campaigns in Auckland and Valencia. To honor Jan the trophy was set up in 2003 with the aim to honor some one who has made an exceptional example or contribution to sailing in general and match racing in particular in the Swedish or Nordic scene. The contribution can be in form of strong results on the water or as other activities that strengthen the awareness of and interest in our sport.

Award winners

2022 Magnus Holmberg

2021 Pelle Pettersson

2020 Anna Holmdahl White

2019 Team Dackhammar

2018 Håkan Svensson

2017 Team Anna Östling

2016 Hugo Stenbeck

2015 Martin Strömberg

2014 Team Anna Kjellberg

2013 Magnus Augustsson

2012 Björn Hansen

2011 Johnie Berntson

2010 Torbjörn Törnqvist

2009 Anna Kjellberg

2008 Björn Unger

2007 Jan Stenman

2006 Björn Hansen

2005 Ilmar Reepalu

2004 Marie Björling

2003 Malin Millbourn

The recipient is selected by a representative from each of  GSYS, KSSS, GKSS and the Stenbeck family. The GSYS representative will chair the selection process.